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Britons are getting lax with their home hygiene!

Keeping your environment is clean very important for a lot of reasons but the most important reason among all other reasons is that a  is important to your health and the health of those around you. Whether it is your home or your work place, it is important that you keep it clean at all times. Most of us are aware of the importance of a clean environment; however, not all of us manage to keep our surroundings clean because we are taken up with our daily tasks and activities, which leave very little time over for cleaning.

Recent NHS reports created by public health experts have stated that many Britons get lax with their home hygiene because of two main reasons. First of all, they tend to believe that the risk of getting infections from a dirty home. Secondly, due to the advances in antibiotic treatment and vaccination, Britons feel that there is always a remedy if they do get an infection so putting time and money into securing a clean environment is not really a necessity.

Professional cleaners keep the home spic and span!

In places like Forest Hill, people are leading busier lifestyles. Fathers and mothers are working thus it is becoming more and more difficult for the house to be cleaned. This however does not mean that the home has to remain dirty. Keeping your home spic and span should still remain a main priority even if you and your spouse both have full-time jobs. If you have a busy work schedule but would like to keep your home spic and span, you can rely on professional cleanersto get the job done. Professional cleaners not only meet your cleaning needs but they also provide a number of other benefits including:

They provide you with free time as you will not have to spend valuable time doing all those minor cleaning tasks. Instead, you can spend the free time with family and friends.

They help you to save money. You will not have to invest in special cleaning supplies which cost a fortune but is needed to get those stains out.

They are experts in the field of cleaning and will make sure that the cleaning job they carry out for you is thorough and professional.

Ask the right questions to hire the right cleaners!

When hiring a cleaning service such as mydulwich for the first time, it is important that you ask the right questions. Below are a few questions that you absolutely must ask a cleaning service before hiring it.

What does your pre-employment screening process look like?

This is a very important question because the person who will be sent to do your cleaning will be coming into your house and will be close to your loved ones and your valuable possessions. You need to know who will be coming into your house. You should therefore ask whether or not criminal background checks are conducted on all employees hired by the cleaning service.

What if something is broken or goes missing during the cleaning?

The fact is that breakage happens even with the most conscious and experienced cleaners. So it is important to know what you should do if something does get broken. Or, if you miss an item after the cleaning crew left. What do you do? How are you expect to report the theft? Which details are important?

What happens if a member of the cleaning crew gets injured while on duty?

This question is important to ask because the possibility of a member of the cleaning crew getting injured is quite likely. Does the cleaning service have workers compensation insurance?

How are employees trained?

If you want to make sure that your house is cleaned by professional, you need to know how they were trained. Is there a training program? Are employees’ training updated frequently?

What to do about inappropriate behavior?

What if the cleaners sent to clean your home start acting in an inappropriate manner? What do you do? This can and does happen so if it does, you need to know exactly how to deal with the situation. 

Please be reminded that the home as well as the work place are great places to share love and laughter with family, friends and colleagues and should be a place of comfort and warmth. It is therefore of utter importance that they are kept clean and tidy. Hire professional cleaners in Forest Hill to ensure that your home or work place keep looking its best.



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