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Cheap Home Improvements Actually Worth Doing

Make money worth it by putting it in the right places

Home improvement choices that are worth the money aren't only about finding good prices and cheap deals - which is very good in itself, anyway! - but also about spending it the smart way. The double benefit of home improvements is that not only does it make your home better and more enjoyable to live in, but it also rises its selling price, so at the end you might actually end up making some extra money with them. However, not all renovations pay themselves with the value increase of the property. You need to know which ones do and which ones are better to skip.

There are many ways in which you can improve your house with low cost interventions and good deals in a number of features. Advice on cheap renovations are all over the place in the Internet. Read more about how to spend your money wisely on home renovations, and you will see that advice tends to repeat itself, with emphasis in doing some or all of the work yourself, finding good deals at cheap providers - cheap in price, not in quality! - and focusing on key details that can do a lot for the way your house looks or feels without being massive interventions. Famous sites dealing with saving money, like MoneyWise, already have their list of ideas on how to make spaces better and even potential buyers like your house more - if that's your interest right now - with little investment. You can spruce up your home easily if you know how to. 

Here we give you a brief introduction on how to do it, with key ideas and the best tactics for making every penny invested in your home worth it. Take inspiration from here, click on our useful links and start planning your next home improvements.

The right touches

Basically, what you have to realize is that sometimes you don't need to renovate whole spaces or areas, but instead take care of some strategic things what will make the whole room look different. In example, perhaps changing an old doorknob in a kitchen cabinet is enough, instead of replacing the whole cabinet. Or painting furniture anew can make it look fresher and better, so you won't have to buy new ones! Thinking about purchasing another sofa? Try changing the cushions instead and choosing some nice colours and patterns, they might change everything for a small fraction of the cost!

Other key aspects of rooms are colour and illumination. Replacing some lightbulbs or adding a couple lamps with the right colour can make a room look more alive and interesting. Painting the walls with a new tone is sometimes all a room needs to show its true potential. And many of these things you can do by yourself, so you won't have to pay someone to do it for you! 

Make rooms look better and modernized with light roman shutters bought at - they have great deals all the time! - or add some new pieces of decoration that will bring new life to any room. Also, taking some time to clear out spaces, giving away or selling things you don't need and investing a little money on storage space to get everything more organized, will make spaces more functional and better looking.

Increasing value

Some home improvements can increase the value of your property, so even if they're not cheap in themselves they can help you make more money in the future, so you can consider them as investments instead of expenses. We suggest that you ask an estate advisor about how to increase the value of your property, because in some cases people make improvements thinking they'll make their home be worth more when it's actually the other way around!

Usually, more indoor space and more bedrooms mean more value. If you don't want to afford the costs of building a new room or pay the building permission, you can opt for a conservatory - you can find great deals at - which is much cheaper to build but increases your property's surface and doesn't require building permission. 

Improvements in bathrooms and the kitchen are often good for your property's value, but remember not to rebuild them in a way that is too original or strange, because it is less likely that buyers will like it. A classic and functional look will be perfect.

Also, taking down some walls to unify spaces can make the house look bigger, and therefore more attractive to buyers. But remember not to decrease the number of bedrooms!

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